Income Report for June 2015

Income Report (June 2015)

"It's something about the summer time that makes me want to go out into my backyard and just sit there. So I stand up from behind the screen I've been staring at for a while, go down stairs, open the door that leads to the porch and close them without leaving the house. As soon as I feel that 35°C (that's 95°F) air hit my body I remember why I came back to my computer the last 5 times I went through that same … [Read more...]

Income Report for May 2015

Income Report (May 2015)

The months really seem to fly by when your busy. June's already half gone, but I've only now found a bit of time to write my income report for May. Well, I guess not having anything very exciting to show you guys doesn't really motivate me that much. Pretty much everything I do these days is behind the scenes, as I'm developing my own software product, which I've been talking about for months now. Development is going … [Read more...]

Income Report for April 2015

Income Report (April 2015)

Hey guys! Has it really been another month already? Time sure flies when you're busy. Unfortunately for me busy didn't translate to highly productive. I've been having some creative blocks this past month. I'm sure the writers among you are familiar with this, but it happens to developers as well. For me it's been finding a way of simplifying a very core part of the software product I'm developing for the user. Both on … [Read more...]

Income Report for March 2015

Income Report (March 2015)

Considering it's a week into April, this income report is actually on time. March was the first month in a long while, that I haven't reported a profit. Actually it has been since January last years, which makes it 14 whole months. I'm really proud about that. But let's get back to the income part of the … [Read more...]

Income Report for February 2015

Income Report (February 2015)

If you've read my previous income report, you know, that I was in Mexico for the first half of February. It was an amazing trip with 3 of my friends. But it also gave me a lot of drive and motivation to get back to work and really start working on building my business. Since then I've been busy developing the software product I've mentioned in the post about my 2015 goals. While that was going on my sites were still out … [Read more...]