2014 Goals Update

2014 Goals Update

Hey guys, Goran here! It's quite a special day for me today. I just turned 28. I really like celebrating my birthday and that's why I'm really happy to be able to share a pretty exciting update on the goals I've set myself for 2014. Another Milestone Reached Quite a few months ago, in March, I wrote about my plans for 2014. In that post I explained that I only had on goals this year: Leave my day job and focus on … [Read more...]

Income Report for August 2014

Income Report (August 2014)

Hey guys! It's been just a few days short of a month since I posted the July 2014 income report, but I honestly feel like I wrote it last week. With the amount of stuff I've got going on these days, time really flies. Just like last month, this will be a pretty short post. And no ramblings this time. So let's just kick things off with the usual income table for August 2014: As I mentioned in the income … [Read more...]

Income Report for July 2014

Income Report (July 2014)

Hey guys! It feels like I've written the June income report, but in fact it has been over a month. To tell you the truth, I've done almost nothing since then. Because As usual, let's start with the income table: For the sake of keeping it short this month, I'm not going to delve into each site specifically, as I usually do. The income table above is pretty much self-explanatory. NW1 remains, with the exception … [Read more...]

Income Report for June 2014

Income Report (June 2014)

Hey guys! Another month has gone by and it's time for another income report. June was a strange month for me. The drop in traffic that started in May, after Panda 4.0 was released, never recovered. This consequently meant a drop in income. As you very much know this Internet Marketing business we're all in is one of high highs and low lows. It seems I've on the downward slope at the moment. The key thing, I keep … [Read more...]

Income Report for May 2014: Panda 4.0 Hits NW1

Income Report May 2014

Hey chaps! I've been promising to start publishing my income reports much sooner in the month for quite a few months now. It seems I'll finally be able to fulfill my promise. Ever since January every month has been simple awesome. My only earning site was NW1 was increasing its profit margin from month to month as was the traffic it was getting. Sadly, in May, the latter was no longer true. But more on that later. … [Read more...]