Niche Website 1 Started Earning Real Money: Income Report for December 2013

Income Report (December 2013)Have I got an awesome progress report for you guys today. And it’s the NW1 that will absolutely shine in it. When December started it was the only site I had left and if you remember in October I bet pretty much everything on.

Before I dive into what was going on with NW1, let’s take a really quick look at how other business when. So, as I’ve done for a couple of months now, here’s December 2013 income table:

Niche Cove
Long Tail Platinum-$20.74-$20.74
ClickBank Dormant Account-$1.00-$1.00
Source Autopilot-$199.00-$199.00$84.67$84.67

As usual, there’s the hosting by HostNine, my subscription to Spencer Haws’ Long Tail Platinum and third month in a row, there’s Source AutoPilot, the link building service for NW1. There’s also a charge from ClickBank. I wasn’t aware for the before, but apparently if an account doesn’t earn anything in 3 months, they charge you $1 every billing cycle, which is about every 2 weeks. And then there’s the row labeled NW1 has earned $84.67 in December and I couldn’t be more happy about it.

With this intro now done, let’s take a look at what went down.


The month started with no indication of anything major coming. There was a slight increase in traffic at the end of November from about 10 visits a day to 20, which continued in the first week of December. I though that there was a slight increase in traffic as people started to buy presents and were just searching more and finding my site a few more times than usual. But on the 6th, the increase went even further. That day I got 40 visitors. That was the absolute highest traffic up to that point and to my amazement it wasn’t a fluke, as you can see from the chart below.

NW1 Traffic (December 2013)

In total the site was visited 2,684 times. That’s 6.5-times more than October, NW1′s best month before. In fact it was it was almost 2-times more than all of the visits before December 2013 combined. I was in awe. I just couldn’t take my eyes off of Google Analytics. By the middle of the month I was getting about a 100 visits a day and before the end of the month that went even higher.

Here are some more stats about the traffic:

NW1 Traffic Stats (December 2013)

Except for actively watching the stats, I didn’t put in any work for it. Yet I still managed to make a mistake, which probably cost me a couple of dollars.

NW1 Bandwidth Limit

I use a reseller hosting, which allows me to host every site on its own hosting account. Part of a hosting account setup process is to set a bandwidth limit. On December 25th NW1 exceeded that limit and my site was unavailable for more than 13 hours.

You can also see a significant drop on the 31st. Some of that is probably people celebrating the New Year, but more the biggest cause was a change in my Google Analytics for NW1. I changed the time zone of the tracking account from US West Coast, which I set initially, to Slovenian time zone, which is 9 hours ahead. I did this purely so I can follow the visit count with my phone.

So, what did all these traffic get me? Let’s take a look:

NW1 Amazon Daily Trends (December 2013)

The 2,684 visits NW1 generated 1,355 product link clicks which led to 48 ordered items.

NW1 Amazon Earnings

46 of the 48 items ordered were shipped, for which the site earned $84.67 in commissions. That’s a lot more than the $5.80 it earned November. But, if you look at conversion rate, it’s almost identical to what it was in November, the only difference was that the site was now getting a lot more visitors. You see, when it all comes down to it, this is still a numbers game.

You may also notice that $84.67 is only about 4.4% of the total revenue I provided for Amazon. That because NW1 is in the consumer electronics niche, which on only yields a 4% commission. The other .4 of a percent was made from people buying non-electronics items. I was a bit shocked when I found this out, but 4% of something is still something.

At the end of the month I was almost glued to Google Analytics. I never had this much data from the visits. It was the first time I was able to consider the data to be a real representation of what my user base looked like. What really caught my attention was the distribution of visitors by location:

NW1 Traffic by Country (December 2013)

As expected most of my visitors were American, but it really surprised me that it was only about 30%. With all my links pointing to it meant I was ignoring 70% of my visitors. Because of this realization I decided to make all of the links international, so they would take the visitor to their local Amazon. I searched for a service that would already do this and found A-FWD and GeoRiot. Both are a nice solution, but I wasn’t going to give them my clicks for their service, so I implemented my own. Being a programmer I was actually wondering when I’ll be able to use my skills in this business. My own implementation allowed me to keep all of the clicks from relevant countries to myself, while I used A-FWD for other countries. I started using it on NW1 in the first days of January 2014.


So, that’s that for December 2013 and the whole of 2013 for that matter. Let’s take a look at the totals table.

December 2013
Grand Total-$1,724.95-$1,891.92
Before Niche Cove-$457.29-$457.29
Niche Cove-$228.69-$260.73

Despite making money, NW1 only managed to cover some of its costs. This means my losses got even closer to that -$2,000 mark, but with NW1′s visit count still increasing I was very excited to see what the first month of 2014 will bring.

Over to You

It’s your turn now. What do you think of all that happened in December of 2013? Let me know in the comments. Also, let me know how you think the addition of international links will affect the earnings in January.


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  1. Josh Escusa says:

    Glad to see the income moving up! Keep up the good work man!

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