Making Profit: Income Report for January 2014

Income Report (January 2014)Last month was a great one. NW1 finally started ranking and earning me money. I was very excited to see how January will do in comparison. I had high hopes, but also a few doubts as December is a month when people spend a lot while shopping for gifts. This had me a bit worried that my income will decrease.

I wasn’t going to go down without a fight, though. A few days before the end of December I started researching the best ways to make my Amazon links international. In my Google Analytics account I found that only about 30% of my visitors came from USA, followed by those from UK and Canada. I implemented my own little service for this, mixed with a service called A-FWD as a fall-back.

The results of this are clearly visible from this month’s income table:

Niche Cove
Long Tail Platinum-$20.74-$20.74
Source AutoPilot-$199.00-$199.00
Reinvigorate (Analytics)-$5.00-$5.00
ClickBank (Dormant Account)-$2.00-$2.00
Namecheap (domain sale)$4.50$4.50$9.00
Amazon (combined)$268.26$268.26

As you can see, those international links worked amazingly well! My earnings tripled compared to December. The best in all of this, however, is that, for the first time since I started Niche Cove, the bottom right cell has green in it. I made $20.10 net profit. You might say that’s not much, but those of you who are ahead of me can probably remember the moment you realized that you’re on the right track the first time.

Not all my income came from NW1. A few dollars were brought in by MNW1 and MNW3 with their final act. I sold the domains on Namecheap for $5, minus the 10% they take as commission. Other expenses have been pretty much standard for the past few months, so check out my previous income reports if you’re interested in learning what they are.


As you can see the site did and still is doing great. I’m still getting used to the face that I actually made a site that is earning a decent amount of money. It has been quite a lot of work to get to this point, but then everything is a handful when you’re doing it for the first time.

The first thing I’d like to show you is the traffic.

NW1 Traffic (January 2014)

It started a bit under the average with which December ended, but it quickly bounced back. By the end of the month I was consistently seeing 300 visits a day. It’s funny that just two months ago November had a bit over 300 visits in the entire month.

Those of you that read my previous income report have already probably guessed what the drop on the 25th was all about. Yep, once again I forgot to keep an eye on my resources usages and exceeded the allocated bandwidth for the site. I feel really stupid every time this happens, as I’m actually the one who is sets the allocations myself. I though 25GB would be enough, but it seems I was wrong. Rookie mistakes, I guess.

NW1 Traffic Stats (January 2014)

The total number of visits last month was 7,656. Almost 3-times more than the month before. At first sight the increase in traffic and the increase in earnings fit very well with each other. But the increase in traffic had much less effect compared to the implementation internationalized Amazon links that send visitors to their local Amazon, unlike in December when all of them were sent to I’ll let these pictures to tell the story on their own:

NW1 Earnings Stats (January 2014)NW1 Earnings Stats (January 2014)NW1 Earnings Stats (January 2014)NW1 Earnings Stats (January 2014)NW1 Earnings Stats (January 2014)NW1 Earnings Stats (January 2014)NW1 Earnings Stats (January 2014)

For easier comparison, here are all the amounts converted to US dollars:

Amazon Locale
Total$268.26$128.09$2.30$104.36$13.08$5.06$15.37$0.00 only increased its earnings about 50%. The most additional income came from the UK. That’s not surprising as they rank second in visits by country and are also an English-speaking country. This means that they search in English, unlike most of the countries in Europe. They alternate between searching in English and searching in their native language. I might add that NW1 is in a niche that attracts a bit more tech savvy people, so English is not a huge problem, but that may not be true for some other niches.

Amazon locals in EU are also very interchangeable. As a resident of EU I can order from any locale with no extra taxes or customs to worry about. I just pay for the product and shipping.

Both of these facts, do affect conversion rates, though. This is very apparent in UK. The actual conversion from UK itself was 4.80%, while all other visitors converted at 1.60%. That’s quite a difference, but does show that it’s worth it not to ignore any of the visitors.

NW1 Traffic by Location (January 2014)

Interestingly the share of US visitors significantly decreased last month. The data does again show that with physical products it does pay to internationalize those Amazon links.

I was however, a bit disappointed by Canada. I got a decent amount of traffic and clicks from it, but this only amounted in only 2 orders. I still don’t get what was going on, but in the first hours of February I changed the redirection service to send Canadian visitors to instead of As far as I’m aware Canadians have no big problems ordering from the US locale, so I decided to test if this would convert better. That’s also the only test I set up in February.


I’m super excited that NW1 and also Niche Cove as a whole, made a profit. This means that I’m now moving away from that dreaded -$2,000.00 milestone that I was approaching so fast in the previous months.

January 2014
Grand Total-$1,891.92-$1,871.83
Before Niche Cove-$457.29-$457.29
Niche Cove-$260.73-$293.60

You might have noticed that the losses under Niche Cove do keep increasing, but that’s just the way I do my bookkeeping. I want to guys to know how much this business is costing as a whole, while at the same time seeing how each (micro) niche website is doing on its own.

This is also the last month I’m showing MNW1 and MNW3 one their own. Neither of these side will either earn or cost me anything, so new month I’m going to combine their losses in a category called Faild Sites.

Over to You

That concludes my income report for January 2014. It’s now been just over 6 months since I started Niche Cove and I’m still amazed how much I’ve learned, but I know that I’ve only scratched the surface. But it’s a hell of a way to start a year. I think 2014 is going to be an awesome one.

I’m really interested to hear what you guys think of the progress I’ve made so far. Did any of you have a similar story? Let me know in the comments.


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  1. joshescusa says:

    Good job in turning a profit. Glad to see you in the green!

  2. $268 from Amazon is nothing to sneeze at! Nice work. I’m still trying to build and develop traffic for my latest Amazon niche site. Progress is going slowwww ….. :)

    • Thanks! I’m really happy how NW1 did in January. I did skim over your last income report and it looks great. I’ll have to take a look at what you do exactly to get traffic to your sites. It’s costing me way to much money to do that, and as I’m searching for my next niche I want to be able to significantly reduce my expenses. I am looking at Rank Hero, to replace Source Autopilot, but it’s still expensive. I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me.

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