Income Report for November 2013

Income Report for November 2013I must admit, October 2013 income report was much more exciting that I originally though it would be. It even surprised me how much I did and forgot all about it.

Well, I don’t think that will happen in this income report of the penultimate month of the year 2013. I literally didn’t do any work at all except payed for some services. That’s why November’s income table is predominantly red:

Niche Cove
Long Tail Platinum-$20.74-$20.74
Source Autopilot-$199.00-$199.00

As you can see, mostly red and the expenses are made out if 3 services:

  • HostNine is my hosting provider,
  • Long Tail Platinum is a subscription for additional features for Spencer Haws’ keyword research tool, and
  • Source AutoPilot is the link building service I use for my only remaining website, the NW1.

Just like last month, Niche Cove made another cent from AdSense, thanks to the one user who clicked an ad. If you could do it again sometime, I’d much appreciate it.


Maybe the most interesting row of this whole table, and the reason I’m still writing this and your still reading, is the on containing an amount in green numbers marked Well, that’s the only website that survived all the Google storms, the NW1.

NW1 Earnings

NW1 Earnings Totals

The site made 4 sales in November, but unfortunately one of them got returned, so the site earned $5.80. Funny enough that was the site’s best month up to that point.

NW1 Traffic

I don’t know what to attribute the sales to. As you can see, there was not a lot of traffic. The site was visited 328 times, which is 29 less than October when the visit count got up to 357.

Despite earning a few dollar, a thing that brought a bigger smile to my face is show in the image bellow.

NW1 Clicks & Conversion Rate

Yes, it’s both the CTR (click-through-rate) and of course the conversion. At 3.20% it is just as good as that of Spencer’s NSP1. Just scroll down to a chart labeled Conversion Rate.

What this told me was that the sales weren’t random, but just a result of the visits I was able to attract. So, assuming that the conversion stayed the same and if I was able to get more traffic, a lot more traffic, NW1 would be able to earn a decent amount of money. Those where big ifs, but it was another indicator that my site has potential.


So, to continue the tradition, here’s the totals table.

November 2013
Grand Total-$1,481.05-$1,724.95
Old stuff-$457.29-$457.29
Niche Cove-$197.97-$228.69

I’m not-so-slowly approaching that $2.000 loss. It will be interesting to see if I actually get to it.

Over to You

OK, so maybe this month wasn’t as boring as I remembered it. Granted not much happened, but apparently even 5 dollars and 80 cents can hold quite some valuable information.

This whole thing got me excited even if it is February and I know exactly what happens, I can’t wait to write the next chapter – the December 2013 income report. Make sure not to miss it.


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  1. joshescusa says:

    Maybe I missed it somewhere, but why are your reverting back to income reports from 3 months ago? Looks like you’re going negative at a pretty quick rate. Are you doing a lot better now? How old are your sites? Maybe I can help :)

    • Hey Josh,

      Yeah, it was in a post about a month ago :)

      My core starting idea with Niche Cove was show how the whole process of becoming an internet entrepreneur from start to wherever it leads. I started this blog in July, about 6 months ago and I had next to no experience. I’m still quite a rookie at this and I wanted to write this whole thing from a perspective of one, where I make it or not. In October and September I lost a bit of motivation, so I stopped writing these, but I felt like I need to get them out there, so the timeline would still be there if anyone wanted to read them.

      Yep, but thankfully I have a good enough job that I can afford this, but I am taking the money from a few other activities. I really want to succeed, so I’m prepared to risk it all. At least at this time in my life that no one is dependent on me yet. As far as how I’m doing now, I’ve got December and January income reports coming out over the next week. I don’t want to spoil anything, so I’ll just say there’s good news in both of them :) Your input would be much appreciated.

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